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Meatless Monday

January 14, 2013

Over the weekend the Hubs and I were talking about ways to eat more healthfully and I suggested the idea of “Meatless Monday”.

This was actually a concept that began during World War I, when food production and distribution systems had been disrupted across the world.  To conserve food in an effort to feed the hungry in Europe and to support troops, the United States Food Administration developed the concept of Meatless Monday and Wheatless Wednesday.  This campaign was also used during World War II, when many food commodities were rationed once again.

Meatless Monday was resurrected in the early part of the 21st century as a public health program to encourage people to eat less meat as a means of improving personal health and also the overall health of the planet, since meat production takes up a significant amount of land, water, and other environmental resources.

For today’s effort I made a recipe that I’ve used before that actually started as a meatless dish.  I think in the past I’ve added ground beef, just because, but this time I made it (almost) as written and left out the meat!

IMG_2072This is a Taste of Home recipe originally from their “Healthy Cooking” offshoot.  Unfortunately, they’ve discontinued that particular magazine and claim to be integrating more healthy recipes into the regular publication.  We’ll see about that!

What we had for dinner tonight was Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili (sorry the picture is a little blurry!).  I made a couple of small changes to the recipe.  First, I reduced the amount of chili powder from 2 tablespoons to 4 teaspoons.  This was plenty zippy for both the Hubs and I but if you like your chili spicier, feel free to go for the full amount.  This was also Penzey’s “Medium Hot” chili powder, so if you have a milder powder you may also want to increase the amount back up to the full 2T.  Secondly, I added an extra half cup of water to the mixture and a quarter cup of quinoa for just a little added bulk and protein.

Topped with some shredded cheddar and accompanied by some corn muffins and a glass of cold milk, this made a tasty and filling meal!

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