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Scroll 7

January 6, 2013

Now that 12th Night has taken place and the award has been read into court, even though the recipient wasn’t there to get it, I can post the finished piece I was working on last week.  I’m counting this as a scribal project even though it’s not a blank!

This is an Order of the Willow – an award for achievement in the arts.  The actual device of the award is a golden willow tree on a purple background but I never like adding the purple if the device isn’t in a clearly defined space.  Since I just made kind of a freeform willow tree in this piece, I left off the purple.

Overall, I’m really happy with the way this scroll turned out.  I think the gold lettering and details add some great flash to the scroll and I like that I based it on a period example that was appropriate for the person receiving it.  I did have to make one alteration once I thought I had the scroll finished.  Initially, I had lettered the recipient’s name and the name of the award in gold ink using one of my dip pens.  I didn’t really like the effect, however.  The gold ink didn’t flow evenly off of the pen so the lines of the letters were also uneven and weren’t clearly defined on the page.

I “finished” the scroll on Wednesday, but I kept thinking about it all night and Thursday morning I decided I had to fix the problem.  So I went to our local Hobby Lobby and picked up a pack of curved blades for my X-acto knife to scrape the gold ink off the page.  The curved blade works better than a typical straight blade and there’s less chance of digging the point into the paper.  Luckily, the Speedball gold ink I used tends to sit on the surface of the paper without soaking in too much and the Pergamenata paper has a hard enough finish that one can scrape off ink or paint without roughing up the surface too much.

12th Night CompleteSo here’s the finished result!  I scraped off both of the gold lines of text and re-lettered using a brush instead of a pen, and with lettering similar to entry phrase at the top of the page.  I’m much happier with the result in terms of the overall look and the larger lettering makes these phrases stand out on the page much more than the pen-lettering did.  I was disappointed that the intended recipient wasn’t at the event, but I’m sure she’ll enjoy receiving it later!

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