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Holiday Starfish Cookies!

December 20, 2012

IMG_2035…Not really!  These are jello-flavored poinsettia cookies from a Betty Crocker recipe.  This year, I made them with cherry jello since I already have a raspberry cookie in the mix.  I got the recipe originally from a booklet my mother had, but looked it up online to provide the link here.  It’s so funny reading the comments from other bakers!

“I’m only giving this recipe one star because mine didn’t come out looking just like the picture!”  Because the ones on the website are actually made by a busy home baker and not a food stylist being paid to make everything look just so.  Are real poinsettias perfectly symmetrical with petals all the same size and shape?  I think not.

“You should post a video to explain how to make them come out looking like flowers.”  Because the two-syllable words in the instructions are just too complex to understand.  People!  Really!

IMG_2033Yesterday I also made these Mocha Nut Balls from Taste of Home.  These were in their holiday baking issue a few years ago and they are just sooo tasty if you like the coffee-chocolate combination of mocha.  Like the amaretto balls posted earlier, these get rolled in powdered sugar while still warm and then rolled again before serving.  Super hard to resist!

So I think that puts me up to 7 different kinds of cookies so far.  I should make another batch of something today to stay on track, but I don’t know if I’ll make it because I’ve frittered away a lot of today already!

It’s been grey and rainy most of the day – the effects of “Winter Storm Draco”.  The National Weather Service has now decided to start naming big winter storms like they do hurricanes for some reason.  I think it’s a little silly, but whatever floats their boat, I guess.  This storm has been dumping cold and snow through much of the Midwest over the last couple of days and the local weather people here have been going through their usual frantic prognosticating, but so far all we have is rain.  Maybe changing to snow tonight, but we’ll see…

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