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Scroll 5

December 2, 2012

I had a husband-free weekend this week as the Hubs was off to a special fight practice/sauna/steak dinner event in Cleveland.  He’s on his way home now, and I’m looking forward to having him back!

I used some of my time to brave the crowds and do a little shopping and also finished another blank.  I think this technically puts me back “on schedule” for a blank a week!  We’ll see if I can keep that up with exams coming up at work and Christmas approaching – it’s almost time to start making cookies…

grammar_123_150The blank is based on a pattern I found in a book titled The Grammar of Ornament, by Owen Jones, first published in 1868.  Owen Jones traveled extensively in the style of the time and made a vast collection of drawings based on the variety of ornament he found on architecture throughout Europe, Turkey, Greece, and Egypt.  He was fascinated by the use of color in ancient architecture – at the time, the prevailing theory was that ancient buildings were plain stone.  He shockingly used color in his construction of the Greek Court of the Great Exhibition of 1851, and even had to issue an apology for doing so in 1854!

This plate is from the “Persian Ornament” section, and Jones describes the designs as coming mainly from pavements and dados, probably based on glazed tile patterns.  It is likely that these are Islamic rather than truly ancient Persian, and probably from Jones’s travels in Turkey.

Blank 5I modified the design to work as a border that I ran along the left hand of the page.  I’ve got a faux-Arabic hand that I have used for calligraphy on pieces like this and I’m looking forward to giving this one away at some point!  This was another relatively quick and easy design to do – I like the regular, geometric patterns – and I’m happy with the way the little details came out.  Once again, it’s amazing what the addition of a little touch of white here and there will do.  After I’d painted in the base colors it looked pretty plain, but the addition of the brownish stripe in the yellow bars, the lighter green outline and “flower” in the hexagons, and the white touches in the triangles really made the whole thing come together!

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  1. December 3, 2012 10:00 am

    I know what you mean about looking forward to the hubs coming home! 🙂 The scroll is beautiful, in fact all of them look terrific!

    Are you coming to Wassail? Hope so!


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