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November 28, 2012

I got behind in the last couple of weeks, but did a relatively easy pattern this week to make up for it.  I’ll probably start #5 over the weekend, since I have the house to myself as the Hubs is off to Cleveland for a man-style weekend with other fighters.

This is a maze or key pattern from 8th-9th century Celtic art.  The design is based on those found in George Bain’s Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction.  This is a great source for Celtic designs, though I have to say that I find Bain’s information a little difficult to understand sometimes.  He has some system of notation that he uses for these patterns that I haven’t figured out.  Luckily, they’re easily copied with a sheet of graph paper!

There’s also some good information in Aidan Meehan’s Celtic Design Book, which is a single-volume compilation of three of his earlier works.  Meehan gives a good explanation of how to build the pattern, while Bain has tons of examples from manuscripts and carved stones.

This was a nice, quick blank to do.  I think what took the longest was charting out the pattern, since I combined two different examples into one and I had to figure out how to make the design turn the corner!  The outlining is done with a .45mm Micron pen – a little bit of a cheat that many SCA scribes use.  I had originally planned to make all of the triangles black, then changed my mind to make the small triangles in the center of the pattern gold, then changed my mind again to make ALL of the small triangles gold!  I also put two small gold dots on each of the larger triangles, just to give it a bit more flash.

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