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Scroll 3

November 25, 2012

Well, I fell off the wagon of doing a scroll a week pretty quickly.  I got two in and then started one that took two weeks to finish!  I don’t know what happened the first week – time just got away from me, I guess, and I didn’t have the weekend to work on it since we were at an event retaining for Their Majesties on Saturday.  Then, with Thanksgiving coming…

At any rate, the original my piece is based on is a page from the book known as the St. Albans Psalter, produced in the 1130s in England by a monk known today as the Alexis Master.  The book was a gift to an Anglo-Saxon Christian hermitess named Christina of Markyate and the images and iconography of the book are linked to the events of Christina’s life.  Many of the illuminations have been reproduced in the book The St. Albans Psalter by Jane Geddes.  What’s really great for SCA scribes is that many of the full page illuminations have some nice border designs that work well for award scrolls.  This page shows the Magi before King Herod.  I love how the star sits outside the border of the design!

And my finished piece.  I had it mostly done before the holiday and I just put the white details on this afternoon.  Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out, though I need to work on my shading.  I think I should have done the darker red first and then overlaid the “pink” on top of it.  The color might not have been so harsh that way.  Adding the white detail made a huge difference in the way the piece looks as well!  I’ll probably do more from this book as the weeks go on, but for next week I think I’ll be looking at some Celtic maze patterns.

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