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Movie Weekend

November 24, 2012

So call us a little behind the times…  The Hubs and I have put together a list of movies we wanted to see but that we didn’t actually make it to the theater and we’ve been getting them from the public library.  With the holiday weekend coming up, I put a few things on hold the week before Thanksgiving.  Of course, they couldn’t all come in at the same time, but when we came back from the other side of the state and the family dinner, we stopped in at the library to do a quick pick up before we made it home.

Friday night we watched Apollo 18, a fictional account of a mission to the Moon that encountered a Russian lunar lander and what was apparently an alien species that had caused the Russian cosmonaut to kill himself and also begins to affect the American astronauts to have landed.  Ultimately, the whole thing is revealed as a government plot (of course) but I won’t give away too many spoilers.  The movie was not particularly gory but was sufficiently creepy that we agreed it wasn’t one we would have liked to watch alone.

Saturday morning we went to see Skyfall, the newest James Bond movie.  While it wasn’t quite as relentlessly action-packed as previous installments and the storyline was rather personal to both Bond and M, the story was entertaining and had a very classic Bond feel (Sean Connery era, for example).  The action moved from Istanbul to London to Shanghai and Macau to Scotland with beautiful settings and beautiful women (it is Bond, after all).  The new Q is a refreshing figure – young and snappy.  We’re happy to know that Daniel Craig has signed on for two more Bond movies!

Saturday night we’re watching another library DVD, the remake of Conan the Barbarian starring Jason Momoa.  We haven’t started it at the time of this post, but we’re anticipating that it will be exactly what it looks like – a hack and slash romp with lots of scantily clad figures (both male and female).  Gotta have a little eye candy!

Finally, this is a shout-out to my friend Heidi, who I know is going to read this and laugh!  Hope you had a great holiday and you’re feeling well!

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