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Talk About a Cliffhanger!

November 5, 2012

I just finished reading Steven White’s Line of Fire this morning and, boy, what an ending!  The country outside of Boulder, Colorado is on fire, main character Alan Gregory’s wife has been shot by his partner in psychological practice, his best friend Sam Purdy is in danger of being found out for “encouraging” the suicide of a dangerous character in a previous book, and the novel ends without a true resolution to any of the issues!  Well, it looks like Sam is in the clear, but that’s not 100% for sure.  The Author’s Note at the end also revealed that this is the second-to-last book in the series, which is a sorry thing for me to read!  I’ve really enjoyed these books as I’ve worked my way through them over a period of several years and always looked forward to a new publication.  To know that there will only be one more Alan Gregory novel is unfortunate.

The last book before this one was another Scandinavian mystery.  I know, I’ve said I don’t get the whole trend, and I still don’t.  This one wasn’t quite as dreary as the first one I read, but still not a real page-turner.  Mons Kallentoft’s Midwinter Blood is the first in a series revolving around Swedish police detective Malin Fors and her struggles to make her way as a woman in the police department, a single mother still kind of in love with her ex-husband, and a Swede in the frigid cold of winter.  As seems to be the trend for Scandinavian mysteries, this one kind of wanders around from one point to the next, intertwining two different mysteries and involving a lot of driving around in the snowy landscape.  The ending tied up all the details, but was not entirely satisfying in many ways.  I don’t know if I’ll read the rest of the series or not at this point.


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