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Playing the Cards You’re Dealt

October 24, 2012

I got all of my sewing done last week in time for Crown Tournament on Saturday!  I finished hemming the Hubs’ black tunic and my dress on Friday afternoon.

Unfortunately, because of a health issue that sprang up unexpectedly mid-week, we had to withdraw from the tournament itself.  Everything is fine, but at the time the situation prohibited the Hubs from actually fighting.  We were still able to attend the event, however, and had a good time with friends.

Edited to add this photo of myself in my new outfit at the event, chatting with Her Grace Eanor and Her Excellency Julianna.  I really like the way this turned out.  The wide neckline sits nicely, and I got the trim to go around the curve of the neck and folded it at the bottom without creating any big puckered spots.  I’m feeling inspired to make another bliaut with this teal-colored wool flannel I’ve had forever!  First, I need to settle on the trim I want to make for it, though.  It’s going to be silver embroidery on black linen, I know that much.  Just have to work out the final design.

To keep myself occupied during the day, I warped up my loom again to make a strip of trim as one of the prizes for Cynnabar’s Grand Tournament at the start of November.  I’ve done an inkle woven band the last couple of years, but last year I had done a pattern for a card weaving and ultimately ended up being too chicken to try it out.  After the lessons I learned with the trim I recently made, I felt more confident about getting this pattern right, and it worked!

I think the pattern is turning out rather nicely.  It’s about an inch and a half wide and will be about 3 yards long when finished.  The weaving goes pretty quickly – I can do about 8 inches in half an hour.  The only potential issue is that turning this many cards (30) is tiring on the wrists and hands.  This may be because a little more than half the cards are on the older side, so the holes are getting a little oblong rather than round and they don’t want to turn as smoothly as the others.  It’s especially noticeable when I’m turning the cards toward me, but I’m making it work.

Like what you see?  Come to Grand Tournament on Nov. 3 and you may win it as a prize!

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