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October 22, 2012

Time for another visit to the library!

I finished James Lee Burke’s Creole Belle while on the elliptical this morning.  I thought I missed the last book in this series, since this one opens with main character Dave Robicheaux recuperating in the hospital after being shot.  I just looked at the synopsis of the previous novel and I’m pretty sure I read it, so I guess I just forgot all of what happened at the end!  At any rate, with Creole Belle, I kind of found myself thinking that we were having more of the same from Mr. Burke.  Robicheaux is struggling with his memories and his sobriety, possibly having visions of people and songs that aren’t really there.  His buddy Clete Purcel charges through the book like the proverbial bull in a china shop, busting up those who oppose him and drinking and sexing his way through the world.  I’ve thought for a long time that these two couldn’t possibly survive the situations they keep ending up in, but they keep coming back for more.  This time, we meet Clete’s long-lost daughter (who’s also a contract killer) and a corrupt Louisiana family with an ex-Nazi patriarch.  Chaos ensues, death is dealt, and Robicheaux and Purcel live to fight another day with the demons of their past.

Before that, I made another visit to the New York District Attorney’s Office, this time through the person of Butch Karp, the protagonist of a series written by author Robert K. Tanenbaum.  In Bad Faith, two stories are intertwined – one revolving around the prosecution of fundamentalist Christian parents who allowed their young son to die of cancer because of a scam being run by a flimflam artist posing as a minister, the other a terrorist plot to attack monuments and events around New York City.  This book is a bit shorter and less complex than Tanenbaum’s previous efforts and seems somewhat lightweight in intensity by comparison.  Still a decent read, and I was glad to see Butch and his gang back on the shelves, but could be better.

Now, back to the library!

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