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Green & Gold Bliaut

October 9, 2012

I have finally convinced myself to get working on my new dress for Crown Tournament.  Good thing, too, since the event is only 10 days away at this point!

On Sunday, I cut out and sewed together a lightweight black linen underdress.  I used the pattern for the body panels of the bliaut, but made the sleeve openings a little smaller and the whole area from the underarm to the waist traced directly on the pattern instead of adding seam allowance.  Though this goes against traditional sewing wisdom, this is the pattern I used for the Brown Bliaut project and we ended up having to take in the sides quite a bit.  I also flared the bottom slightly more than the pattern indicates, based on some other underdresses I have and because this dress won’t have gores.

It worked great!  The dress fits just nicely through the waist and then flares away at the bottom.  The sleeves are just the right length as well.  I even got the Hubs to mark the hem for me on Sunday evening so I could finish it up on Monday (though this picture is from before the hem was done).  It looks a little baggy on the hanger and there’s also another piece of black linen hanging just behind it that is adding a little bulk as well.

Tonight I spent the evening cutting out the pieces for the bliaut itself.  The dress will be dark green with gold sleeve linings and trim.  I made a new neck trim that creates more of a V-neck than the keyhole pattern I used previously.  This will make it easier to put on the woven trim without having to go around the sharp corners of the keyhole.  Also, a little variety is a good thing!  After I worked out the shape of the neck pieces, I bravely cut the dress to match.  Fingers crossed!  Tomorrow, the sewing begins.  I hope to have the dress put together before the weekend so I can spend time in the car and at fighter practice stitching on the trim.

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