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September 14, 2012

I just finished up with Kathy Reichs’ Bones are Forever, the latest “Temperance Brennan” novel.  This series, revolving around the life and cases of a forensic anthropologist who travels between Charlotte, NC and Quebec, working for the medico-legal services in both areas.  These books have given rise to the TV series “Bones”, which I have not watched.  The whole thing just seems completely silly and out of character for the characters as they’re written in the books.  Brennan in the books hates to be called “Bones” and no one does.  On TV, it’s apparently OK.  In the books, Brennan and her on again-off again Canadian police partner Ryan have a tense relationship complicated by their personal pasts and present demands.  On TV, they’re seemingly all palsy-walsy and having a baby!  Can’t bear it!  At any rate, this latest book has been a familiar example of Reichs’ work.  Herself a forensic anthropologist, Reichs gives us the details of the examination of dead bodies in various situations and creates a gripping search across much of Canada for the presumed killer of a number of infants.  Always a good read.

The other book I’ve just read is The Big Cat Nap by Rita Mae Brown.  This is the 20th anniversary “Mrs. Murphy” mystery, though I wasn’t able to figure out if that meant 20 years or 20 books!  These are back in the “cozy” category – I think I’ve covered earlier titles – short and sweet with a little danger but no real harm coming to the primary characters.  Especially cozy-like is the fact that some of the main characters are the cats and dogs of the humans in the stories.  The critters talk to each other and “help” investigate the mysteries of the story.  Of course, they manage to turn up the major clues that solve the crimes, but the humans never realize it!  These are fun books and an easy read – nothing really scary or creepy happens and they’re always entertaining.

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  1. galenskye permalink
    September 27, 2012 3:33 pm

    Actually, Reichs has talked quite a bit about the differences in the Books vs. TV, especially considering she often has written the scripts or consulted. Her big thing is that the TV takes place when Tempe is in her late 20s (vs. Mid 40s) and it’s a ‘what if’ sort of thing… particularly ‘what if’ Tempe never became an alcoholic and actually had friends who socialized her differently… also, I believe a ‘what if’ she got hired by a different sort of institute instead of being an M.E. most of her career. It’s very well balanced and after the first season, I found I quit trying to compare the two and have grown extremely fond of it.


    • September 27, 2012 6:08 pm

      Good to know, though I just have a hard time reconciling those kinds of differences. It’s just very clear to me that the TV show has been manufactured to appeal to the TV audience and I can’t wrap my mind around the discrepancies. To each their own!

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