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Behold, the Cabinet of Fabric

September 10, 2012

One of the things we bought when we got the materials to take care of the basement was a cabinet to store our stash of fabric and get it out of the closet in what is now the spare bedroom.  There, it was on open shelves, which meant that the cats frequently got into it and used it as a snuggly bed!  Plus, I wanted to have the fabric in what’s now the sewing room to keep things together as much as possible.

The cabinet is just a particle board model requiring assembly, which only took us about an hour, and is 24″ wide, 15″ deep and 72″ tall.  It’s actually made of some pretty good quality materials – the hinges are pretty hefty numbers with a self-closing feature that works pretty well.  We also added a couple of magnetic catches to at least try to keep the monster cats out.  Betty and Bouncer love to open cabinets and drawers around the house – we’ve even found them inside the lazy susan cabinet in the kitchen!

So, this is all our fabric.  The bottom two compartments are wool, the middle is medium weight linen, the top is lightweight linen and in between are scrap pieces of middle- and lightweight.  The top also has some pieces of corduroy and a length of silk noile.  I also have a couple of rolls of fabric that I’ll probably have to put in the garb closet, partly to keep them out of kitty clutches and to prevent sun fading.  Moving everything today, I realized how much fabric we have, found a few things I’d forgotten about, and a few things I’m not sure I knew we had.  Guess we’d better get sewing!

The latest addition to the stash – some pieces ordered from last week.  We got some medium weight black for the Hubs to make a parti-colored cotehardie with some dark green we have already.  Also some lightweight black for a couple of undertunics to go with household colors and some pale blue (Cerulean in fabrics-store’s listing) that I plan to use for sleeve linings and applique letters on a cotehardie made from the teal linen I got at Pennsic.  I’ll probably get to work on the black undertunics pretty quickly, since I hope to have a new bliaut in dark green and gold for Crown Tournament at the end of October.  Got to start weaving some trim for that pretty quick now.  I was going to just do crochet cotton, but I started thinking crazy thoughts about silk over the weekend.  Stay tuned to see what I decide…

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