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Labor Day 2

September 2, 2012

Today we continued our work in the basement.  First, we unloaded a couple of wire racks of computer equipment.  The equipment was too heavy for the racks, so the shelves were starting to slip downwards.  One bottom shelf had completely slipped at one corner, so the whole rack was skewed.  This is a good chunk of the stuff we unloaded, but there’s even more not in the picture.  Some of it has been designated useless, so it will be off to the county’s electronics recycling drop-off.

Then, we assembled the new shelves which will ideally be more sturdy.  These go together with pins that fit into slots on the uprights, so there shouldn’t be any slipping.  The only question will be the particle board shelves themselves and how they hold up to the moisture in the basement.

I got to inherit the wire racks to store a bunch of boxes that had previously been stacked in the corner of the finished area of the basement.  There are still a few things to go through and there will be things thrown away, but overall we’re pretty pleased with the way this has gone so far.  Most of the lighter objects are consolidated on the wire racks.  Yes, I have a bunch of Lego kits.  I’m pretty sure I have the full collection of pirate themed sets produced in the 90s and early 2000s.  There were some later sets that came out, but they weren’t quite as complex as these original pieces so I didn’t get them.

My old Mac computer occupies the bottom shelf of the wide rack.  Someday we’ll put it together and see if it will still run and then try to figure out what to do with it.  I can’t say there’s anything on it that I have any need for at this point.  After all, it’s been probably 15 years since it’s been up and running and I don’t think I’ve ever caught myself wishing I had access to it.

Boxes of college textbooks have been put on the built-in shelves on the opposite wall – didn’t get a picture of that since the cutting table is in front of it.  These are another thing I sort of wish I could bring myself to get rid of, but having a liberal arts degree means lots of excess books laying around, I think!

The Hubs has a bunch of boxes of old papers to go through, sort and shred.  Also a bunch of old BBS computer equipment to try to unload.  Apparently, there are still quite a few BBSes out there and he’s willing to let the stuff go for the cost of shipping so it can be put to use.

Tomorrow, maybe some sewing!

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