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Labor Day Weekend 2012

September 1, 2012

Instead of going to an event for Labor Day weekend, we have decided to labor at home.  Last year we replaced the steps on our back deck, moving them over by about a foot to get the corner of the steps off the driveway.

This year, the project is to do some work in the basement we have been talking about for a while.  The previous owners of our home had partially finished the basement, enclosing an area with walls and building a work counter and some shelves along with a closet-sized niche that had can lights in the ceiling.  We never really figured out what they planned to do with the whole thing, but it was all painted bright yellow with red trim.

In doing all of this, they had removed a couple of the jack posts meant to hold up the joists of the main floor of the house.  No clue what they were thinking there, but we mean to put things back where they belong.

So, here’s the before:

This is the “outside” of the finished space we are removing.  On the right side, there’s about 6 feet between that bump-out and the foundation wall of the house.  You can just see the bottom of our clothes dryer.

And this is the inside.  I’m not quite sure what they were thinking with these color choices, but at least it’s in the basement.  Also not quite sure what’s up with the “window” you can see in the wall at the left.  That opens into a space that sits under the half bath and back entry upstairs.  There’s nothing to see here in the basement except concrete, so we don’t know what they meant by leaving an unfinished opening in the wall right there.

Much destruction and demolition, lots of fun with the sawzall, pry bars, hammers and so on…

Before we took out the wall, we figured it might be a good idea to put the jack post in.  The really great thing is that the post needed to be about 3 feet inside of where the wall was.  I guess these folks were just absolutely determined to have their walls where they wanted them, never mind what it did to the structure of the house!

So, new jack post!

And, demolished wall:

After that was all done, we experienced a bit of project creep.  The other side of the doorway into the finished area was built around what we hoped was an existing jack post.  The hubs needed to get into that section of wall to deal with the electrical wiring we’d had to disconnect to tear down the other part of the wall, so he took off a section of drywall.  Our intrepid homeowners had left the jack post in place but once again showed that they were absolutely determined to put things where they wanted them, no matter what.  I love how they cut out the bottom of the stud to fit around the base of the jack post.  Luckily, this stud doesn’t seem to have been necessary – it was just there to support an outlet box.  Ultimately, we decided to remove this whole section of wall so now the jack post is exposed (no biggie – our basement is a utility space) and a new switch is installed to control the lights in the work area.

And here is the (mostly) finished result, all cleaned up!  We trimmed off a couple of bits of carpet (you can see where the waterproofing was done on the floor) and we still have to move some things around to make the space usable.  Got some new shelving for the Hubs’ computer stuff yesterday, so tomorrow or Monday will be setting up new shelves, moving equipment, and using the old shelves for some of the “basement stuff” – probably sitting right next to the filing cabinet.

I hope to be able to set up my new cutting table this weekend as well and get together some window valances for the dining room and spare bedroom, so ideally there will be shelf work sooner rather than later!

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  1. Michael De aston permalink
    September 1, 2012 9:02 pm

    Thats a very productive weekends work…

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