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I Need About T’ree Fiddy…That’s What She Said!

August 14, 2012

This was something of the theme of this year’s Pennsic – a quote from a South Park episode and any opportunity to say “That’s what she said” in response to something that could be taken the wrong way!  Lots of heat, some rain and a lot of fun with friends – only 49 weeks until next year.

The Swag: Every year, there are offerings left at the Shrine of the Cookie Fairy outside my tent.  People leave small gifts in exchange for the cookies that are shared with the camp.  This year the Shrine received a string of pearls, two strings of green beads, a little hook-and-loop clasp, several glass beads, a rock engraved with the word “Sassy”, a gold chain, and a completely adorable glass piggy with pink wings!  I checked around to make sure the gold chain didn’t belong to anyone, since it is something usually worn by knights in the SCA, but nobody laid claim to it.  I figure this means the Cookie Fairy is now a knight!

I also found a bead from the Bead Rescue Project.  These beads are made by SCA craftspeople and left at a variety of places around events for people to pick up.  The object is to get people interested in historical beads and beadmaking.  I think it’s a very cool project and I love that I found a bead at Pennsic – just happened to see it taped to a signpost.  I really need to make a string of all these beads I’ve found or been given over the years to wear with some of my Norse garb.  That’s another project…

The Acquisitions: I actually bought things this year without the Hubs having to pester me into it – two items on the same day, even!  First, we stopped by the Historical Glassworks booth to check out the beautiful things that Arab Boy always has to offer.  I happened to catch sight of this lovely little vase/bottle on the table – dark green and white swirls with crushed mica dust in the green glass so it sparkles in the sunlight.  It took me about 30 seconds to decide I was going to buy it!

Then, in the Carolina Calicoes booth, I saw a color that really appealed to me – this dark teal – so I bought 5 yards of it.  I’m thinking it’s intended for a cotehardie with an appliqued phrase around the hem.  Haven’t decided whether it will be long- or short-sleeved yet.

Finally, my wonderful Hubby bought me this little brooch from Billy and Charlie’s Pewter.  We’d seen it on their Facebook page before going to Pennsic and it was just as attractive in person.  Of course, he got me one with green stones!  It’s a replica of a 14th century piece a little more than an inch and a half square.

Now we are home and the clean up and put away process has begun.  The laundry has been sorted into piles – Betty is fascinated by the unfamiliar smells – and is being washed.  Thankfully the weather has remained cool and comfortable, so I can get things done without sweating like crazy.  It’s also nice enough that I can hang things outside to dry so they don’t get too beat up in the clothes dryer.

We also made an acquisition for next year’s trip (it’s never too early to start planning!).  Normally, we spread a plastic tarp covered with a painter’s cloth under the shade fly attached to our tent.  The only problem with this is that when it rains, the cloth gets wet and eventually wicks water all over the place.  Many of our friends with the same tent just use a small rug in the center of the fly and put tables and chairs around the edges, directly on the grass and don’t have the problem of wicking.  So, we decided to look for a rug we could use as well and skip the tarp-and-cloth routine next year.  Yesterday morning, something just inspired me to check on Craigslist and I found a listing for an area rug that looks very similar to the one we already have that we had been using inside the tent.  We went out and checked it out last night and, sure enough, it’s pretty much the same kind of woven rope/cotton rug without a plastic backing, just in different colors – exactly what we were looking for and only $25, so we snapped it up!  This will probably be the rug for inside the tent and the old one will go outside, since it’s a little stained from several years of use already.

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  1. Michael De Aston permalink
    August 14, 2012 5:58 pm

    Come hell or high water I am going to Pennsic. I know it’s a long way from Lochac. I know it’s gonna cost me a kidney.

    But I’m gonna do it anyway.

    • August 14, 2012 8:10 pm

      Go for it! You’ve got a spare kidney anyway, right? Remember that next year’s Pennsic is a week earlier, so plan your surgery accordingly. 😉

  2. Dawn permalink
    August 29, 2012 10:39 am

    I love the laundry photo! 🙂 Hmmm that reminds me, I think I STILL have laundry to do.

    • August 29, 2012 11:56 am

      I’ll admit that I get a perverse pleasure from sorting everything by color like that… 🙂

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