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Almost There

July 26, 2012

Two posts in one day!  Well, that’s what happens when the first one really doesn’t need any further elucidation…  😉
It’s almost time for Pennsic and we’re officially in “holy crap, I still have to do ‘X'” mode.  But, things are slowly coming together.

I have my chest of clothes almost entirely packed (just a couple of last minute pieces to add that needed laundering today).  I’m working on the Hubs’ chest with just a couple of things to finish up there – laundry again.

Doing laundry, needless to say.

Accidentally made butter this morning.  ‘Nuff said there.

Finished my new underdress/apron combo yesterday, despite running out of thread as I was doing the hem of the apron.  Grr, argh!  I was winding a bobbin and watching in disbelief as the thread disappeared from the spool.  At least there was enough to finish the bobbin…  At any rate, it was still only 5:30pm and the fabric store isn’t far away, so I ran out and got more to finish.  The applique I had hoped to do on this apron isn’t going to happen at this point – just not enough time left.  However, as he was marking the hem for me the other night, the Hubs came up with a GREAT idea for the design!  So now I have a project for after Pennsic.  I’m not going to tell what it’s going to be just yet.  I want it to be a surprise.  Plus, I have to do some investigation.

Finally, I wanted to share a treat I made last week that kind of came together unexpectedly.  I put together a batch of pumpkin spice cookies from a Betty Crocker mix my mother had given me.  They were tasty but really, REALLY moist and I was a little afraid they might go moldy before we could eat them all since the weather here has been really hot and humid lately.  So, I stopped at the store and got some vanilla ice cream and made spice cookie ice cream sandwiches!  The cookies were nice and soft so they weren’t too hard to eat, even right out of the freezer, and boy were they tasty!  These are the last two.  We ate them on Monday.  I’ll be looking for more “soft cookie” recipes to make more of these after Pennsic…

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