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We Can Go to Pennsic!

July 19, 2012

Which is a good thing, since I’m on staff…

I say this because we’ve been working on rebuilding our trailer, which turned into a much more involved process than we had originally planned (of course).  We bought this trailer secondhand about five years ago and had added a little to it over the years.  The top rail of the sides originally didn’t go all the way back to the rear of the trailer and we had replaced the decking a couple of years ago.

Since we don’t have a place to store it inside, the trailer sits out when we’re not using it so it weathers quite a bit.  When we took a look at it this year, it was clear that the deck needed to be replaced again (which is already done in the picture above).  In the process, we found that some of the side boards were starting to rot as well, so they needed to be fixed.

So, after a couple of afternoons of work (we took Tuesday off since it was 100 degrees outside) we have what is essentially a new trailer once again!  We reused the interlocking brackets that hold the front and sides together and we need to get a couple of hinges to connect the back and sides.  We also plan to paint the wood when we get back from Pennsic – that will let everything have a chance to dry really well for a couple of weeks.  We also had a brief discussion last night about using a spray-on truck bed liner for the deck, but we’ll have to look into that a little more after we get back.

Now to finish the other projects that have to be done before next week…

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