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The Room – Day 3

July 5, 2012

Yesterday, I drank somewhere above 96 ounces of water.  I had 4 24-ounce bottles, plus some when we went out for lunch.  Also, a glass of Dr. Pepper, which I know doesn’t really count towards hydration but tasted soooo good!  It’s been super-hot here lately – 98 or so yesterday with another two days of highs in the mid to upper nineties to come.  Lots of liquids in my future…

It’s so hot, the cats are melting!


Since it was a holiday and the Hubs had the day off work, we hit the spare bedroom hard, clearing out all of the various bits and pieces of things still in it and moving the bookshelves out into the hallway.

As always, the space seems a lot bigger without anything in it!  I still like the purple walls and I’m trying to find a valance to put over the windows that will coordinate.

Then, we pulled up the carpeting, which is in pretty good shape.  I posted it for sale on Craigslist this morning and got a call on it already!  This was my second sale this week – slowly getting rid of the things we don’t use.

The floor is unfortunately not in as good condition as we had hoped.  The light-colored mark in the foreground of the photo is a paint stain, and there are some areas that look like they may have been water-damaged at some point.  There are also some small gouges where the carpet installers’ stretcher nicked the floor, but overall it’s not horrible.  At some point we’ll want to have all the floors sanded and refinished, but that’s another project for another year!

We also found that because the house has settled over the years, there’s a pretty big gap between the floor and the baseboard along the east wall – like half an inch big.  So, as I was pulling up the staples used to hold the carpet pad, I suggested that we take the opportunity to get some base molding to install like we did in the back room – you know it’s not a project until you make at least one unplanned trip to Home Depot!

By this time it was 11am or so and we were hungry and drenched in sweat.  So we showered, went out for lunch and to HD for molding – a little air conditioning is a good thing!

When we got back we installed the molding and swept the floor, then started re-installing furniture.  At some point, I’d still like to sand all the trim and paint it bright white to freshen up the room, but that won’t be happening now.

We had to fiddle around with the placement of the furniture a little bit to get an orientation that we were both happy with and made the room useable.  Fitting a queen size bed in with 3 tall bookshelves and one 48-inch one was a challenge, but we made it work and there’s still space to move into the room without banging your knees on the bed!

We also had a bit of a surprise when we placed the bookshelves.  We knew the room was not level, but it was really a surprise to find out how out of kilter it was!  The bookshelf on the right had to be shimmed up by about an inch and a quarter to make it level!  The other two aren’t completely level either, but this was the only one that was really bad.

Now I just need to spend some time putting books back on shelves and getting things back into place.  But, I’ve been lazy today and didn’t get to any of that…yet…

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