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The Room – Day 2

June 27, 2012

Did a little more work on the middle room today, with some help from the Hubs.  We moved the futon mattress and foam pad into the closet of the sewing room to keep them out of the way and I stacked more boxes into the closet of this room.

Sorted through a couple of boxes of things and found a bunch of stuff that went into the recycling bin – mostly old papers and greeting cards.  Some stuff that will go to Freecycle and some things we’ll try to sell – anyone interested in a student trombone?

Slowly making progress.  The Hubs would like to have kept working on it today, but I reached my limit of sorting and cleaning for today.  Still a few things left to shuffle around and then we’ll be able to shift the bookshelves and take up the carpet.  I may try to Freecycle that as well – it’s about 10×11′ and in pretty good shape, though I’ll have to see how much of the cat barf spots I can get off of it first!

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  1. Michael Cartwright permalink
    June 27, 2012 5:24 pm

    Good job, just keep chipping away… 🙂

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