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The Room – Day 1

June 26, 2012

Now that the back bedroom has been refinished (mostly – still need curtains and maybe a rug on the floor) and school has ended, I have started working on the middle of our three bedrooms upstairs.  This room was originally my sewing room, but the southern exposure makes it really hot in the summer and uncomfortable to use on a regular basis.  Plus, it’s also rather dim because of the awning over the window.  With the new and improved back room now designated as the sewing and garb room, this middle room will become the room for books and our guest bed (which is also our camp bed for Pennsic).

The current plan is to empty the room, sort through the variety of stuff that has accumulated – much of which has not seen the light of day since we moved into the house – remove the carpeting since we have hardwood floors underneath, and then return the bookshelves to the room and set up the bed.

Today, I moved the bed pieces out into the hall – that’s the lumber you see leaning against the bookshelves – rolled up all the pieces of painter’s plastic left laying around from when the back room was being replastered, and packed up most of the remaining books on the bottom shelves of the bookcases.  There are still a few oversized pieces left to pack up, but I’ll have to look for a box for those tomorrow.

Luckily, the closet in this room is not carpeted, so I have been stashing boxes of books in there.  No doubt some of them will also go into the closet in the back room.  That will be incentive for us to get this done quickly, since we don’t want to block access to the garb hanging there before Pennsic!

There are a bunch of tools from our own work in the back room that will need to be taken downstairs and out to the garage.  There are some old clothes that will get sorted and taken to goodwill or thrown away and likely a lot of other junk to get rid of as well.

I’m planning to leave the room purple – I picked the color!  Eventually we’ll get some curtains for the window so we can actually have guests sleep over if necessary and not have them feeling exposed to the outside world.  Plus, curtains we can close will help cut some of the heat that fills this room even when the windows are closed.  Depending on how the timing goes, I may paint the trim white, like we did in the back room.  It really gives the room a clean, fresh look as opposed to the slightly off-white everything is now.

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