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One Step Completed

April 18, 2012

And so, the finished product!  In true SCA tradition, I put the finishing touches on the bag while driving to the event on Friday night.  I had braided the drawstring a couple of days earlier, but left the ends of the strings loose.  I finished these by splitting each bunch of threads into eight groups of two strands each and then made four smaller 4-strand braids to create the tails of the drawstring.

One of the existing examples of a bag like this has similar tails, though they seem to be part of the carrying loop and appear to be a flat braid rather than the round braid I used, but I think this falls under the “creative” aspect of the SCA.  You don’t always have to slavishly recreate an existing item – it’s OK to do your own thing, within the confines of the style you’re using!

Over the weekend, the Hubs and I ran the lunch tavern at the event.  Unfortunately, my judging time was right in the middle of the lunch rush so I had to duck out in the midst of everything, but it couldn’t be helped.

Even though face to face judging is a little bit nervewracking, the judges I worked with on Saturday were very complimentary.  I was able to answer their questions and discuss my piece without stumbling over myself too much and I’m pleased to report that I was awarded a first place score!  I’m quite happy with this result, of course, and I will be taking my project along to the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition at Crown Tournament in May.  I’ve already been tweaking my documentation and have plans to add some elements to the display of my piece to give it a better showing – some “in progress” stitching so the judges can see what the back side of the piece looks like, and maybe a comparison of the silk thread and cotton embroidery floss.

Now I need another project…

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  1. Heidi permalink
    April 19, 2012 4:48 am

    You deserved first place. The pouch turned great.

    I am looking forward to our trip to coronation and having the weekend to spend with you guys.


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