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Finishing Touches, Pt. 1

April 9, 2012

Saturday at my friend’s birthday party, which was also a crafting day, I started putting the finishing touches onto the embroidered pouch.

First, I stitched the lining fabric to the embroidery, wrong sides together.  I left the ends open with extra length of the lining fabric to fold over.

Then I turned the piece right-side out and pressed and pinned the ends of the lining fabric down over the edge of the embroidery.

Finally, I stitched the lining edge down with just a simple running stitch.  For all of this, I used 2 strands of the Splendor silk thread that closely matched the color of the lining fabric.

Next I folded the piece in half and whip-stitched along the side seams to close the pouch (Oops!  Forgot to take a picture of that step!)  Using lengths of Splendor silk, I did a decorative “braid stitch” along each edge of the piece to hide the seam.  The braid stitch went amazingly fast and gives a really nice look – lots of oohs and aahs from my fellow partiers!  Instructions on how to do the braid stitch can be found at the Medieval Silkwork blog.

I left extra length of the silk to braid into a carrying cord for the bag.  Some of the existing pieces have this and some do not, though the speculation is that they would have had a carrying string of some kind originally.  I chose this as a way of making the cord part of the bag rather than having something stitched in as a separate piece.  I used the instructions for a four-strand round braid found on a sling making website here.  This process also went fairly quickly – you just have to keep track of the rhythm of left and right turns to keep the pattern going.

I still need to finish up the other side of the carrying cord and make drawstrings, but the end is in sight!  Some finishing touches to the accompanying documentation and I’ll be all set to face the judges at the regional A&S competition this weekend.

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