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Wild Weaving

April 4, 2012

Today I finished the inkle weaving project for the commissioned piece.  I kicked out a bunch of length sitting at last weekend’s Grand Tournament of the Unicorn and then did a little more on Monday afternoon.  I think it turned out pretty well, and I think the recipient will be happy with it.  Of course, the next step will be getting it to the person it belongs to, since he lives more on the east side of the state.  I’m sure we’ll hook up at an event or fighter practice some time!


Last week I ordered a set of new folding chairs from World Market.  This company has a really eclectic selection of items from furniture to housewares to food and drink.  I love wandering around their stores, at least being tempted by the variety of things!  I’ve bought some of their foodstuffs before – they have a lot of non-American candy and treats that are fun to try out now and then.  Recently I found a bottle of Lemon Drop drink mix – lemon and simple syrup already mixed up, just add vodka!  This may be on the list to take to Pennsic in the summer…

The chairs are sort of a more sophisticated version of a director’s chair – wooden frame with canvas seat and back.  I’ve seen quite a few people with them in the SCA, and they are comfortable to sit in and fairly easy to pack.  The nice thing is that the canvas is removable and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.  I took pictures and measurements before I assembled the chairs last night so I can make my own canvas parts if I want something different or when these wear out.  Of course, the chairs had to be immediately inspected by kitties and this one met with Betty’s approval!

Now, back to work on my embroidery project!  The stitching is almost finished and I’ve only got 10 days to complete the project before the regional A&S competition next weekend.  Eek!

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