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What Happened to March?

March 28, 2012

Last week we had temperatures 80 degrees or above all week.  I spent Wednesday, March 21 in shorts and barefoot all day!  The trees and flowers have gone crazy all over the place – magnolias have bloomed already, tulips are opening, and the hostas are sending up shoots.  Of course, at the start of this week, temps were back in the 40s during the day and down into the 20s and 30s at night.  The weather folks called for the possibility of frost and freeze the last couple of nights, but we seem to have dodged that bullet and by 9:30 last night, things were starting to warm up again.

Saturday was my birthday and also ended up being the birthday of the Hubs’ first grandchild – Afton Kay Sieting was born at 11:08am!

On the plus side, the baby excitement was over early in the day so we were still able to go to a movie (Underworld: Awakening) and dinner (Outback Steakhouse) for my birthday later on.  The movie was not as good as the previous installments, but not bad for what it was.  Dinner was tasty – Sailor Jerry’s Delight to start and chocolate brownie sundae to finish!

My gifts – the Medieval Craftsmen: Embroiderers book and some Thin Mints, since I had professed a craving a couple of weeks ago.

Meanwhile, I’ve continued working on my embroidery project – regional A&S is only two and a half weeks away at this point, so I’m pushing hard to finish.  The embroidery is almost done and then I’ll have to line the piece and take care of the finishing details.  Pics to follow when I get some final progress made.

The new & improved sewing room is almost finished.  The walls were painted over my spring break at the beginning of the month and then I also painted the walk-in closet with a fresh coat of “Ultra Pure White”.  Once again, stupid textured walls ate up the paint, so I ended up using almost a full gallon but it looks much better now.  I’m really pleased with the wall color we picked for the room itself – Behr’s “Refreshing Pool”.  It’s a little hard to get a good photo, but it’s kind of a swimming pool/robin’s egg blue and the white trim makes the room look very fresh and clean.  We may still repaint the ceiling and crown molding, since that’s still the off-white the previous owners had used.  The doors also still need to be refinished.  We may try stripping those to see what’s under the paint.  I also still need to put up curtains, but I’m having a heck of a time finding some in just plain old white eyelet!  I may need to sew my own.

Behold, the new garb closet!





Updated to add a pic of my new weaving project.  For Cynnabar’s Grand Tournament last December, I donated a “coupon” for a length of inkle weaving to the prizes given out.  Winner got to choose his/her choice of colors and patterns.  I’m working on the large floor loom we have, since I actually started this project a few weeks ago for a demo and wanted something visually appealing.  While this loom looks like it is very large, it really only makes the same length as my tabletop loom – about 3 yards.  Looking at it the other day, I was thinking that a couple more pegs could be added in just under the heddle peg to give more length.

The person I’m doing this for has blue and white checkerboard with red edging as part of his device.  I didn’t get the pattern quite right at first and the checks weren’t lining up satisfactorily, except for one section.  So I undid most of the warp on Monday and re-strung it so it would be correct.  I actually managed to re-use most of the original warp thread – a good reason to leave long tails on your threads when you tie off, in case you have to take it out and re-tie it!  Now I’m happy with the design.  I’ll be taking this with me to Grand Tournament of the Unicorn this weekend so I have something to work on when my embroidery runs out.

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