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The End is Near!

March 15, 2012

Of my embroidery project, anyway…  I’ve been plugging along on my brickwork embroidery for regional A&S in April and I’m getting close to finishing the embroidery part.  I had to make a road trip to Kalamazoo yesterday because I ran out of the white linen thread I was using and the embroidery shop I got it from near GR hasn’t bothered to restock since January when I bought the last two skeins.  Luckily, there was another shop in Kzoo that carries it, though not in as great a selection, so even though spending two hours on the road wasn’t really the way I wanted to spend Wednesday morning it was a faster way of getting what I needed rather than waiting for the order to come in at the local place.  According to the woman who took my information on Tuesday, it wouldn’t take “too long” but she couldn’t tell me how long it would actually take!

At any rate, I’ve been stitching away, adding on rows of the pattern and my piece of fabric is getting almost full.  I’m even getting ahead of myself and thinking about what I want to make when this is done!  I just like this technique so much that I don’t want to stop doing it.  Of course, once I’m done stitching, I still have to line the piece, sew it together to make the pouch, put the decorative braid stitch along the seams and fingerloop braid some drawstrings.  I have a tutorial on the braid stitch, so I’m not too worried about that, but I may need to find someone to show me how to fingerloop braid again.  I learned once, but since it wasn’t something I’ve done routinely, I’ve forgotten the technique…

Monday night the Hubs and I hung my new scroll, which came back from framing last week.  We had to rearrange a couple of things, but not too much.  Luckily it fit right in the center spot that my Willow scroll had previously been in.  We also hung up his Red Company scroll that has been waiting for quite a while!  No, they’re not entirely straight on the wall…solar flares this week make everything go wonky!  Really!  😉  Still, they look pretty good all together like that.  Sill some space to fill in before we have to start putting them up elsewhere in the house.

Yesterday was Pi Day – 3/14!  Not a real holiday by any means and meaningful only to the geeks of the world, but nonetheless I decided to make a pie in commemoration.  I’d found a tasty sounding recipe some time ago on the Taste of Home website for a Cherry Almond Mousse pie.  They’d even done one of their “makeover” jobs on it to reduce the fat and sugar content.  The Hubs is back on Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet, so he hasn’t had a treat in a few weeks and he really liked the slice of pie he had last night.  The great thing about this recipe is that it makes 8 servings out of a whole 9-inch pie, so you get to have a nice, satisfying chunk of pie instead of some measly little sliver!  You really get to feel like you’re eating pie!  So this pie has reduced-fat cream cheese, sugar free pudding mix, sugar free whipped topping and a can of fat free sweetened condensed milk.  Obviously, you can see where it falls off the wagon…  I’ve made pies like this with jello or pudding mix and whipped topping before and they’re pretty sweet.  I suspect you could leave out the milk and it would still be plenty tasty.  What you don’t see in this picture is that under the fluffy mousse layer is a layer of chocolate – 1 square of unsweetened chocolate melted with some of the condensed milk.  I just looked at the pie in the fridge and it seems like quite a bit of that layer seeped out overnight and has filled in the bottom of the pie dish where I cut the slices.  Perhaps I didn’t let it cool enough before filling it yesterday?  The recipe just said to set it aside, not to cool or chill.  If I make this again, I may try making a more standard ganache for the bottom layer and chilling it before putting in the rest of the filling so it will be more solid.

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