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Home Improvement, The Long Method

March 3, 2012

When we bought our house in 2006, the interior was painted some interesting colors.  The entryway, stairway, living room, and dining room were all dark red.  The woodwork and the fireplace disappeared because of the dark color.  Upstairs, there was a yellow room, a kind of baby-poop brown with a tinge of green room and a room that was bright red.  The previous owners had even spray-painted the door hardware to match in two of the rooms.  Like I said, interesting…

Of course we painted right away, so now we have lots of colors!  The red room upstairs was also done with this tremendously lumpy plaster surface that made it really ugly and just painful to paint.  I used the fluffiest roller cover I could find and still had to go around with the paint can and a brush and dab at the surface to get paint into all the nooks and crannies.  This room also had a door that led outside to nothing – presumably there was a deck or a staircase at some point, but it was there no longer.

A couple of years ago, we had that door taken out because it was starting to rot at the bottom, built in the space and had a window installed in the remaining opening.  This left an open spot on the interior wall that needed to be covered over.  Being us, it ended up staying that way for quite a while.  Last year, we decided to take our tax return money and do what was needed to finish that room, including either skimming over or totally replacing the lumpy plaster.

We also took the opportunity to run some new wiring so there would be more than one functioning outlet in the room, which necessitated drilling some holes in the walls.  Sadly, the pictures I took of that step seem to have disappeared somewhere, or you could get a sense of the bright blue we painted the room (I didn’t pick the color) and the funky texture on the walls.  However, the new window is lovely – the kitties love the deep sill!

The plastering has been done since October, but we are finally just getting around to the finishing touches.  Last week, we went to Home Depot and got supplies to put molding along the floor and paint the trim and walls.  Thursday of this week, we installed the trim.  This is my piece of trim, on a little stretch between the door of the room and the closet doorframe.  I measured it, cut it and nailed it in place.  The rest of the time, I was the surgeon’s assistant, as the Hubs did most of the rest!

Today, we began the painting process by priming the fresh surface of the walls, all the trim and even the interior of the closet, which had yellowed horribly over time.  Eventually, we’d like to sand the wood floor and refinish it.  The previous owners had put carpet down throughout the upstairs, but we pulled up the section in this bedroom when we first moved in.  The floor isn’t in too bad of shape right now – there are a couple of old paint spots and watermarks that could be removed and it would look really nice.

Tomorrow, we’ll paint the trim – white, satin finish – and let that set really well for a day or two before doing the walls.  The closet interior will just be white and the walls of the room will be “Refreshing Pool” from Behr – it’s a light sort of swimming pool blue, the midtone on the card we chose.

Then will be the great furniture shuffle as we move sewing room things into the finished room, bookshelves into what will become the spare bedroom and figure out exactly where we want everything to go.  Ideally, this all gets finished during this upcoming week while I’m on break from work and the Hubs has no classes to attend.  Fingers crossed!

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