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Post-Event Report

February 13, 2012

So Saturday was Val Day, finally!  I managed to get everything done that needed to be done without panic before the event.

Monday or Tuesday (I can’t remember anymore!) I pressed the silk banner to heat-set the colors.
Wednesday I washed the banner to take out any excess color.  This step also, according to the directions, “rinses” off the resist.  I’ve never really had it rinse off before, but as I was hanging the piece to dry I noticed some flecks of resist that had separated.  This meant I had to go back to the sink and hot water and get the rest of it off.  If the resist sits on the silk, it will dry again and stick where you don’t want it to.  After it had dried, I trimmed the extra edges off and sewed the hoist edge over a couple of folds to reinforce it.  Finally, I attached bias tape ties along the hoist and it’s done!

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, I finished candying a batch of orange peel to go into the A&S Display and Monday I also candied a batch of ginger.  Kind of went a little crazy with the candying, but it was fun.  I also wrote up some basic documentation to go with each of those projects.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday evenings, I worked more on the ongoing brickwork embroidery.  I wanted to get enough of the pattern done to make it evident to observers, which I managed to do.  I am loving working with the silk embroidery thread!  It’s so nice and silky to handle, and quite a change from the linen thread, which is the white part of the embroidery as was typical in the period examples.  Wrote up some documentation for that as a start for what I’ll use at the Regional A&S Faire in April.  Baroness Hannah Schreiber also contributed some red silk scraps that I will use as the lining of the piece when it’s finished.  I’m really happy with the way this is turning out so far – the colors are going well together and the pattern is entertaining to stitch.

The event on Saturday was long, as usual, though there were fewer items on the court list than last year.  Unfortunately, the room where court is held was super-hot, also as usual, but luckily no one passed out this year!  However, my friend Tracy did say that a lady in the audience in front of her appeared to go into labor during court and had to leave quickly!

The highlight of court for me was that I was called in front of Their Majesties and inducted into the Order of the Evergreen, the Middle Kingdom’s upper-level award for contributions to the arts and sciences.  Her Majesty said some extremely complementary things about me and how hard it was to sneak a piece of business about the Signet into court and great fun was had by all.  The scroll I received is crazy beautiful, done in the Italian White Vine style by my two Baronesses – Barones Zaynab of Andelcrag and Baroness Hannah Schreiber of Cynnabar – AND using period pigments!  I am humbled and honored to have been given this award by Their Majesties and to have received such a beautiful work by two esteemed ladies.

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