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Project-ful Weekend

February 4, 2012

With Val Day approaching all too swiftly, I’ve put quite a bit of time into project progress this weekend with more to come tomorrow.

Friday, I started candying some orange peel for the A&S display – four oranges this time so there will be plenty to share.  I simmered the peels twice Friday and twice today.  Probably another two simmerings tomorrow before I start with the sugar water on Monday or Tuesday.

I also mostly finished one of the scrolls for court, but I don’t have a picture of it yet…  This one took me a few tries because it’s fairly small and has a somewhat lengthy text, so I had to work out what line size and nib width would let me fit everything into the space I had.

Finally, I applied the resist to the silk pennant I’ve been commissioned to do.  Since this one has a little bit of a complex design plus some text, I took a little bit of a different approach this time.  In the morning, I outlined the main device and the text and then hung the piece up to dry.  I’ve done a couple of pieces with text before, and it’s a little bit awkward to try to work in a way that means you’re not reaching over wet resist.  Then, in the afternoon, I outlined all of the border of the piece and hung it back up to dry.

Today I also cut out pieces for two new lightweight linen underdresses – the hedge green and emerald green.  I was just going to do the hedge, but figured I might as well cut the other one as well, since I had the pattern pieces laid out.

Tomorrow I’ll stretch the silk and start painting and also sew the underdresses together – something to do while the Super Bowl is on!

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