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One Project Down! (Mostly…)

January 31, 2012

Sunday night I finished the embroidery around the neckline of the blue wool bliaut/tunic!

On Saturday, I finished the main design and, after consulting with the Hubs, decided to leave off the extra bit around the bottom of the keyhole opening.  You can still see a little bit of the chalk marking from where I drew it on originally, but that only really shows with the flash from the camera and should wear out over time.  I added a line of chain stitch around the whole thing, which I REALLY like the look of.  I think it really gives a more finished look to the design.


Then on Sunday, I finished things up by adding a trio of French knots between each of the “fleur” elements and at the edges of the opening, just to fill in the space a little.  I think these little details really give the piece a nice look and a very period feel.  I still need to tack down the inside neck facing, which will cover the back side of the embroidery, but that will only take a few minutes.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed this project, though I’m not particularly good at this point at freehand embroidery like this.  Counted-thread is definitely easier, in a sense, because the stitch lengths and patterns are so much more well-defined!

I still want to put some decoration around the hem of this dress too, but that’s not going to happen before Val Day!  I need to make an underdress to wear with this (out of the Hedge Green linen), so that is more of a priority right now than additional trim.

Yesterday (Monday) I also started work on the new silk painting commission.  I don’t have a picture yet because all I did was pencil in the basic design on the silk and it’s not really dark enough to see.  Plus, I need to print out the lettering and device motif at work today (Sshhhh!  Illicit use of the office copier!) and will probably put those onto the silk tomorrow.  Photo to follow after the resist is applied and the design will be more visible to the camera.

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