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Fabric Score!

January 28, 2012

So the Hubs & I stopped at our local fabric store today after lunch – he needed some nylon strapping for some new armor bits he’s working on – and we were checking out the woolens while we were there.  This store has a “back room” where they put their discount fabric, and I always hear lots of stories from other folks who have scored fabulous deals, but I never seem to get lucky.  Every time I look through the racks, it mostly seems to be polyester & nylon stuff – not so good for historical costuming!

We’d last been at the store back at the end of November, when I was finishing up the pennants for the Cynnabar Grand Tourney and we’d seen a bolt of grey, black, and white wool in the back room that was marked “imperfect”.  We took a look at it, but not too closely, and let it pass.

So today I wondered if there was any chance that fabric was still there.  I didn’t really hold out much hope, since I figured something like that would have disappeared quickly, even if it had a little imperfection.  We went into the back room anyway, and there it still was!  Took a little closer look at it and still couldn’t really find anything wrong with it, so I decided to just buy it.

It ended up being 10 yards (10 yards!) of 60″ wide, 100% wool at $6.97 a yard, marked down from $17.99 a yard!  Score!  The service person had to unroll it all to measure it, of course, and none of us could find what the “imperfection” was supposed to be on it!  It’s veeeeeerrrrry soft and has a lovely drape as well – no itchy-scratchy wool feeling to it at all.  I’m seeing a wool cotehardie at some point, maybe a tunic and/or trousers for the Hubs…  Mmm, wool…

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