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Weekend at Home

October 30, 2011

We were supposed to go to Red Dragon in Columbus, OH this weekend, but midway through the week, the Hubs decided that he had too much that needed to get done – stuff around the house and homework for school and so on – so we ended up staying home instead.  It was probably a good idea.  We got to sleep in and raked up most of the fallen leaves in the side and back yards on Saturday.  We piled the leaves on our two garden beds to be mulched in come springtime.  We also managed to clean off the deck, and even hosed off the mulch that had been forming from the couple of years’ worth of NOT cleaning we had done!  Then, of course, being fall, there was a light hailstorm in the afternoon, which knocked more leaves off the tree and it was breezy overnight, so now it hardly looks like we did anything yesterday.  Oh well, at least the deck had a little bit of a chance to dry off before more leaves landed on it.

I also had a little bit of an urge for a bundt cake and buttermilk to use up, so I searched up a recipe for a chocolate buttermilk bundt cake to make – see What I’m Cooking for details.

Then, while the cake was baking and the Hubs was snoozing on the couch, I painted up a notecard to use as a thank you note to Their Majesties of the Midrealm for having invited us to participate in their Crown Tournament.  Thank you notes aren’t required, and I think they probably aren’t even standard, but I like to send one.  Crown Tournament is a special thing and I think it’s important to recognize that it is an honor to be invited to compete.  I have a few different cards that I’ve done in the past.  This one is a sort of early Medieval style with a design based on a Celtic “Tree of Life” motif.  I’m thinking I might adapt this pattern into a scroll blank at some point as well – it’s such a nice design.

Today (Sunday) we slept in again and had leftover pizza for brunch!  The Hubs is doing his homework at the dining table (while checking Facecrack) and I have made a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies partly inspired by watching a rerun of the “Three Chips for Sister Sarah” episode of Good Eats.  Hopefully, if sufficient homework gets done, the plan for later is to go to dinner and a movie.  Rise of the Planet of the Apes is playing at our second-run movie theater…

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