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Fall Crown 2011

October 19, 2011

Saturday was the Middle Kingdom’s Fall Crown Tournament in Urbana, Illinois.  The format was a little different this time around, with invitations sent out ahead of time to 32 of the unbelted fighters (those who are not knights).  The final list was to be made up of 32 fighters, starting with any knights or other peers who wished to compete, plus however many of the unbelts were needed to make the total number.

Amazingly, many of the invited unbelts declined the chance to compete, and there were only a total of 28 fighters on the final list of combatants!  I was surprised to see how many people chose not to fight.  Ultimately, there were only 26 fighters there the day of the tournament.  The Hubs was #13 on the invitation list!

The format of the tournament was also a little different.  Instead of the typical double-elimination style tournament, the fighters were divided into four pools and each pool fought a round-robin style tournament – each fighter fought everyone else in the pool – and the top four fighters from each pool went forward to a traditional double-elimination tourney.  After the first round, there were two clear leaders in the Hubs’s pool and everyone else was tied, so they had to do a second round-robin to pick the other two fighters to advance, and the Hubs was one of them!

Unfortunately, he was knocked out of the double-elimination tournament after only two fights, but his second fight was against a very talented knight, and the Hubs came VERY close to beating him!  He got one of the knight’s legs and had him down on his knees.  The knight managed to hit the Hubs with a thrust to the body just before taking a shot to the head.

I am very proud of my hubby.

Their Majesties also commissioned a photographer to take portraits of all the combatants and consorts before the tournament – before the fighters got all sweaty!  Ours is a good shot, but I think I prefer the candid one above, since it’s a little more natural.  The portrait photo seems a little stiff, but posing can be like that.

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