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My Own Brickwork

August 26, 2011

So after I finished my first little brickwork project the other day, the hubs plaintively says to me, “You know, you could make me a little needle book…”  Of course, I couldn’t turn him down, so I set about designing a pattern that incorporates his heraldry – red with gold mascles.  It’s a simple pattern, but for a first shot, I’m pretty pleased with it.  This is not an exact copy of his device, but heraldic items don’t always have to be exact – you can incorporate elements of a person’s heraldry into a design.  I’m happy with the pattern and so is he, and I even have the colors to start stitching.  I’ll definitely need to get some more yellow thread, but that won’t be a problem!

Here is a pdf of the pattern Brickwork Mascle 1.  The large stitches go over 6 threads and the small stitches over 4 threads.  There are a couple of odd spots where the stitch only goes over 3 threads to maintain the design, but that works out.  Of course, there will also be smaller stitches around the edges of the pattern, depending on what the finished item is to be.  Most of the stitches are over 4 threads.

I went right out the other day and got some more 28-count evenweave fabric to play with.  It’s a 20×24″ piece, so I’m probably going to cut 4×5″ pieces for needle books or rolls.  They will turn out slightly smaller than my first piece, or I will leave a little less seam allowance to make up, but I like to use the large piece of fabric as efficiently as possible!  Pictures to follow as progress is made!

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