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We Have Returned

August 20, 2011

Well, we returned about a week ago, but this is the first time I’ve actually decided to sit down and post an update.  We came back from Pennsic last Saturday and then went through the frenzy of unpacking and laundry for a couple of days after that.  The cats & fish all survived us being gone for two weeks again.  It’s good that we’ve been able to find reliable people to pet sit for us!

I did get all my projected sewing done before we left – purple underdress and yellow Bocksten tunic included.  The only things I wore were the purple underdress and the new green cotehardie.  It was too hot most days to contemplate the layers of boy clothes, unfortunately.

Overall, it was a good War.  The weather was generally pleasant, though hot in the first week.  Unfortunately, the Hubs did not get to fight because his neck stiffened up on him and was very painful.  He did contribute by marshaling for all of the battles except the woods (poison ivy) and also helped out in a squire-ly fashion with other projects, such as setting the portable holes for the University banners one morning.

The best class I got to take was called “Basic Brickwork Embroidery,” taught by Her Highness of Northshield, Petranella.  What a great class!  I learned a new embroidery technique that has me all fired up to stitch again.  Brickwork is a technique that was popular in the Holy Roman Empire from the 13th century through the 15th century.  It was used on small bags, cushions, collars, cuffs and larger pieces like altar fronts.  It’s a nice, geometric technique that will appeal to you if you like regular patterns (I do!).

After the class, I continued working on the sample piece that was provided, though it took me a couple of tries to be satisfied with it.  I’ve been stitching away since we got home, mainly in the evenings, and will eventually make a little needle book out of the finished piece.  Right now, I’ve been keeping my spare needles in a scrap of fabric, so something prettier will be nice to carry around.  I’m also thinking that I might make up a bunch of these to give as 12th Night gifts in January.  There are lots of patterns available online, and a most helpful resource is Richard Wymarc’s website, A Stitch out of Time.

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