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It’s Hot

July 20, 2011

It’s the start of another hot day.  We’ve had about four days of 90+ degree weather here, and the humidity has kept climbing.  According to the forecasts, today and tomorrow will be the last of it.  We can hope.  It’s gotten to the point where the house is hot and doesn’t really cool off at night.  The nighttime temperatures are only getting down to about 75 degrees, so there’s not much opportunity for cooling anyway.  The cats are all laying around, being flat and trying to catch a breeze.  The fish tanks are very warm – we’re going to do a partial water change this evening to clean the gravel and add some cooler water.

On to other things!

My cotehardie is ready to be hemmed.  Both the Hubs and I are satisfied with the fit of the upper body and shoulders now.  If we’re not dying of heat later, I may put it on and ask him to mark the hem for me.  Or, I may wait until Friday or Saturday when it’s supposed to be cooler (only 85 on Saturday!).

I have about a yard of lucet cord done for the lacing, and I may take some time today and mark out the lacing holes on the front and start working on those while I’m sweating.

Yesterday, I washed and pressed some lightweight purple linen that I bought for a bliaut underdress.  I may work on laying that out later today as well.

Pictures to be posted as progress is made!

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