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Cotehardie, etc.

July 15, 2011

Today I worked some more on my new cotehardie and the Hubs’s tunic.

Last night, I decided that the cote needed a little more fitting – a pinch at the shoulder seams and one of the arms needed to have the ease shifted slightly forward.  So I took out the neck facing as far back as the shoulder seams and adjusted those and then decided to let go of the compulsion for the evening.

I did get the undertunic for the Hubs finished to the point that the sleeves and hem could be finished, so I made him put it on so I could mark the hem.

This morning, I reattached the neck facing on my cote and adjusted the one sleeve.  Now I think I’m satisfied with it!  I still need to run a topstitch around the very edge of the neck and the front opening – this is not a historical practice, but I think it gives the garment a more finished look and helps prevent the facings from shifting and looking sloppy.  I’ll put it on later and have the Hubs take a picture.  I’ll also have to try to convince him to mark the hem for me, but this is a chore he hates.  Still, it needs to be done…

I finished hemming the bottom and sleeves of the Hubs’s tunic, so all that’s left there is to tack down the neck facing.  I always do this by hand, though it’s a little bit of a chore and one of the few hand sewing tasks I will undertake!  Hand sewing it allows me to make little adjustments to the position of the neck as needed to keep things looking neat.

This afternoon, I also started making the lacing cord for my cotehardie.  I’m using a method called lucet cord, which is a form of knotted cord made on a two-pronged forklike device.  There are carved wooden lucets you can use for this purpose, which is what I have, but you can use any two-pronged object, even a couple of pencils taped together at the appropriate angle.

My friend Brigitta, who is a whiz at all things fiber, refreshed my memory as to how to do lucet cord last week and I also did some looking online and found this nice simple tutorial on YouTube – How to Lucet.  There are lots of variations on lucet you can do, including multiple colors and patterns.  The Hubs has done some two-color lucet cord, but I’ve just done single color, which is what I’m doing for this project.  I’m using a 5/2 Pearl cotton that I got from Halcyon Yarn in dark brown.  This is also what I’m going to use to make a belt for the Brown Bliaut (also on the project queue).  I managed to do about 6 inches in half an hour, so it should go pretty smoothly.  I only need about 24″ for a dress lacing, and then I’ll finish it with a metal point to make threading easier.  I’m going to do the lacing holes with a gold-colored heavy duty thread for contrast.

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  1. Gilebert permalink
    August 23, 2011 5:19 pm

    It is not so much, as tedious. I may grumble and grouse, but I do it. I am usually the one who makes the comments about how the hem may not look even once it is done. I am too much a self-critical… and you know it!

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