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And So It Begins

June 29, 2011

Let the Pennsic prep begin!  Yesterday, despite a pounding headache, I worked on cleaning up my sewing room, which had become a morass of random piles of fabric bits and pattern parts.  Now, everything is consolidated.  Patterns are in labeled packages.  Fabric is folded and stacked in such a way that most of it will be safe from cats.  Scraps have been separated into linen and non-linen assortments.

Today, I took out the ironing board, lamp, sewing machine, sewing table and chair and vacuumed the carpet and around the baseboards.

Now, the sewing can start.  I cut out the pieces for a white linen undershirt for the Hubs and will start sewing that together tomorrow.

I ordered new fabric – has such a nice assortment of things, it’s always hard to decide what to get.  8 yards of 3.5 oz Hedge Green to become a short sleeved cotehardie for me and a 12th century undertunic for the Hubs.  4 yards of 3.5 oz Fiesta Marina to become a 12th century underdress to go with the Brown Bliaut.  Two cuts of 5.3 oz white – one 3 yards, one 2.5 yards – from the Doggie Bag section to become future undershirts or braies or chemises.  Still need to choose a color to make a Viking underdress to go with the Harvest Gold from last year that will be an apron dress, but that will likely be waiting until after Pennsic.

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