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Best Neighbors Ever

June 21, 2011

So I’d just like to say that we have completely lucked out in the neighbors we got when we bought our house.

Our neighbors to the south, P & G, are an older couple with grandchildren and even a couple of great-grandchildren.  P loves gardening.  She’s outside everyday watering, planing, pruning and generally taking care of stuff in her yard – and in ours!  We share a couple of garden plots with her and she shares her produce with us.  Last year while we were on vacation, she used some weed killer on a couple of weedy spots in the yard and ended up killing the grass, too.  She re-seeded, fertilized, watered and covered the bare spots with straw until the new grass grew in!

Our neighbors to the north, R & J, are a younger couple with two daughters and they are just great people!  R has used his snowblower on our driveway in the wintertime (totally saved me from having to shovel the “Groundhog Day” blizzard this year) and he has mowed the lawn for us while we’re away.  Just a few weeks ago, he went up a ladder to fix a bit of flashing that had come loose from our roof because the Hubs decided the “sphincter factor” was a bit too high.  (No shame in that, by the way.  Falls from ladders are one of the leading causes of injuries around the home.)  Just yesterday, R & J gave us a bag with about 5 pounds of freshly picked strawberries!  Apparently R had gone to one of the u-pick places around here and been a bit overly-enthusiastic in his picking so we got to share the bounty.  What great neighbors!

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