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Philip’s Garters and a New Project

June 12, 2011

So I did finish the garters for Master Philip at Crown Tournament two weeks ago.  I worked on them most of the afternoon on Saturday when the Arts & Sciences competition was going on.  I got a log of nice comments and complements from people nearby as I was working and it was good to have something to do with my hands while there wasn’t much else going on!

Because this is cardweaving, the pattern is slightly different on each side.  The picture on the left is the “front” of the pattern and the picture on the right is the “back”.  Ultimately, these end up being reversible because the pattern isn’t that specific to one side.  Some cardweaving patterns are a little more defined on one side with nothing much on the other so there’s a clear front and back.

Now that I’ve finished this project, it’s time to move on to the next one!  My friend Tracy has taken up spinning since she learned how to drop spin last Pennsic.  She has turned into a real fiber nut – spinning and dying her own yarn from wool, crocheting and then felting purses that she has sold.  She has even adopted an Ashford spinning wheel that we had sitting around and is putting it to good use.  Check out her Etsy shop, Ysabella’s Boutique – as you can see, she’s also started doing calligraphy and illumination!

Tracy asked me if I would weave a band with her wool for her to use as a strap on a felted bag she’s making for herself.  Of course, I said yes!  Tonight, I warped up the loom in preparation for a trip to fighter practice tomorrow so I’ll have something to work on while we’re there.  I used a combination of Tracy’s wool and some regular crochet cotton to give some color contrast and also to help stabilize the band since the wool is a little stretchy.  I’m also going to use crochet cotton for the weft.

The pattern is based on one of the sample patterns from Palmer Looms, which is the maker of the small loom I use most.  We bought this loom at Pennsic about 2 years ago and I’ve been very happy with it so far!  It makes about 3 yards of weaving when fully warped.

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