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The Brown Bliaut Progress 5/16/11

May 16, 2011

Well, after a long hiatus in which I worked on the neckline trim embroidery, I finally have finished the trim and started assembling the dress!  Crown Tournament is less than two weeks away and I will not be able to work on the dress in the weekend in between because we will be off at another event.

So I worked on the neckline quite a bit over the weekend and finished putting the last of the beads on last night.  This afternoon, I got brave and cut the neck opening on the dress pieces and then started sewing everything together!  I got the main body of the dress assembled and then put the neck trim on so I could see how the whole thing fit.  Turns out the side gores need to be raised up by about 8 inches to get them up to my hips, so tonight I’ll be undoing the gores and probably will put them back in tomorrow.

Obviously, I also need to assemble and attach the lower sleeves.  I may try to take care of that tomorrow as well, depending on what else is going on.

My main goal is to get the whole thing at least put together before the end of the week so it can hang over the weekend and then we can hem it at the start of next week.

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