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New Weaving – Philip’s Garters

April 28, 2011

I have been feeling the itch lately to do some more weaving on my inkle loom, but I’m the kind of person who likes to have a specific project to work on rather than just making things randomly.  So, when my friend Philip mentioned that he’d like to have a pair of woven garters, I offered to make him a set.

With Rose Tournament coming up this weekend, I need to have some things in the pipeline to take along to work on while I’m sitting.  I have my ongoing embroidery for the brown bliaut (almost half done with the neck trim) and tonight I warped the loom for Philip’s garters.

The technique is called card weaving or tablet weaving – the warp threads run through the holes of a set of cards and the pattern in which the cards are threaded along with the pattern of turning the cards forward and back produces the pattern of the weaving by bringing different warp cards to the surface at specific intervals.

My loom makes about 9 feet of weaving when it’s all done, so I plan to leave a break about halfway along to separate the piece into two sections about 50-54″ long.

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