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New Silk Pennants 4/24/11

April 24, 2011

Today I did the resist lines on the silk pennants.  The resist forms a barrier that prevents the colored dye or paint from bleeding into areas that you don’t want it to go.  Silk absorbs liquid very easily, and the dye will tend to flow through the material very quickly without something to block it.  Typically, I use a resist called gutta that comes in squeezable tubes.  However, I’m contemplating doing a test piece at some point with regular old acrylic paint as resist.  It’s much cheaper, and I keep finding the tubes of gutta a little bit of a pain to work with.  Eventually, you have to start folding up the end of the tube like you do with toothpaste, and I feel like I end up wasting a lot of the gutta.  Plus, you can’t quite get all of the gutta out of the tube and end up throwing some away when you’ve got the tube as folded up as it can get.

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