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Weekend Plan

April 1, 2011

Finally, another weekend!  Only one more class week of my Friday class, then their final exam.  The other classes have 3 more weeks before exams (ugh).

Tomorrow we are going to the Royal University of the Midrealm in Indiana and staying overnight so we can attend the Barony of Ayreton fighter practice on Sunday.  Since practice doesn’t start until 2pm, we decided to see what was going on at the many museums Chicago has to offer.  Decided that the biggies (Museum of Science & Industry, Art Institute of Chicago, etc.) are too pricey and too much downtown, so I checked out the University of Chicago, which is where the practice is held.  Lo and behold, the Oriental Institute of the University has a free museum that’s open on Sunday!  W00t!  So, we’ll spend a couple of hours before practice perusing the wonders of the Near East…ahhh, archaeology…the smell of old stone…

To have something crafty to do in the spare moments and during the fighter practice, I’ve finally gotten started on the trim for the Brown Bliaut.  I cut two strips of trim for the sleeves and ironed a fusible interfacing on the back for stability.  Then I ran a basting stitch around the border of the area I plan to stitch and sketched in the basic design.  The pattern will be gold embroidery floss couched on with red glass beads set at intervals along the sides.  I will do a similar design for the neckline trim, but I’ve got to work that out yet!

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