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The Brown Bliaut Progress 3/8/11

March 16, 2011

Another post-dated progress update!

After getting the paper pattern made and cut out, I pinned it onto the fabric and cut the pieces, both for the main fabric and the trim.  I didn’t cut the neckline right away, and boy, am I glad that’s the case!

I decided to make a mockup of the neckline trim out of muslin to see how it worked and it was way too big – too much of a scoop in front.  However, the back half fit just fine, so I made some adjustments and cut out another paper version.

Then I cut a muslin pattern and sewed the pieces together.  This will be a “reverse facing” neckline, with the trim fabric being turned to the outside.  The opening is just big enough to slip over my head as it is, but I will also be making a slit down the center front.

The neckline doesn’t lay flat because the shoulder seam is cut at an angle to accommodate my apparently sloped shoulders!  Therefore, I had to cut the neck facing in two pieces as well.

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